Ladies that UX Tokyo Meeting「事業会社におけるUX リサーチのキャリアとスキルについて」1月28日開催!

Ladies that UX Tokyo Meeting「事業会社におけるUX リサーチのキャリアとスキルについて」1月28日開催!
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2019年12月実施のLadies that UX Tokyo Meetingの様子

2010年1月28日(火)Ladies that UX Tokyo Meetingを開催します。スピーカーは、Japan Direct Researchの設立者で、現在CEOの中野教子氏を迎えます。セッションは英語で行います。

「事業会社におけるUX リサーチのキャリアとスキルについて」




2019年12月実施のLadies that UX Tokyo Meetingの様子

Ladies that UX Tokyo Meeting

We will hold ” Ladies that UX Tokyo Meeting” on January 28th in Shibuya.
This event is for those who are interested in the development of UX research
The guest speaker is Ms. Noriko Nakano, founder and CEO of Japan Direct Research
She will give some tips regarding UX research based on her various experiences from her career.

Date: January 28th (Tue)
18:45- Door Open
19:00-19:45 Guest speech Ms. Noriko Nakano
Title: UX Research in the company ? Skills and Career Development Tips
19:45-20:30 Q&A, networking
Language: English
Admission: Free for members / Need to register for non-members
Venue: Hive Jinnan @Shibuya

Are you interested in the development of user research skills? Are you curious about how to do with your research skills and experiences for your careers in global companies? Is it clear for you about how UX researchers can advance their careers in corporations as a specialist or a manager?

Join us to hear Noriko Nakano to deep down into what user researchers do in the organization of FMCG companies and what their career paths user researchers take. Noriko will also talk about critical skills for user researchers to be specialists, and tips for career development and survival in global companies.

While Noriko’s talk is about the FMCG industry, but it is relevant to various industries, such as IT and finances. If you are interested in any industry, please join us!

Noriko Nakano is a marketing and customer research specialist focusing on user experience (UX) research and design. Currently, she is the founder and CEO of Japan Direct Research Ltd. She offers international marketing and customer research services and coaching entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs in corporations for market research and user research. Before her latest role, Noriko worked as Senior Scientist
in Procter and Gamble in Japan and held management positions in Shinsei Bank, and Nihon L’Oreal. She has been a member of ESOMAR, and The Market Research Society in
the UK.

Contact: HappyCom Ms Toda
(Ladies that UX Tokyo co-founder)
Mail to:
Mobile: 050-3578-6390

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