8/25 Women in AI Japan “WaiTALK” (Online)オンライン開催

8/25 Women in AI Japan “WaiTALK” (Online)オンライン開催
by Happyデジタル編集部 公開日:2020/08/22 / 最終更新日:2021/04/23
Women in AI Japan

Happyデジタルがパートナーとして支援する「Women in AI」Japanのイベント、Wai Talkのご案内です。

8月のWai TALKは、床鍋佳枝(とこなべよしえ)さんをスピーカーにお迎えします。


20:00-20:30 キーノートスピーチと質疑
20:30-20:45 ライトニングトーク
20:45-21:00 Women in AI Japan リードメンバー紹介&今後の予定


お問い合わせ:Women in AI Japan 事務局

For the August WaiTALK, we will invite Ms. Yoshie Tokonabe.
She will share examples of how AI can be used in the age of COVID-19, based on her experience in marketing AI products after working in new businesses such as e-commerce, online education and healthcare.

Date and time: August 25th (Tuesday) 20:00-21:00 (JST)
Venue: ZOOM Meeting (the meeting ID will be provided to those who apply)
Participation fee: Free
Language: Will be conducted in Japanese, but the speaker and all staff can respond in English
Time Table:
20:00-20:30 Keynote speech & Q&A
20:30-20:45 lightning Talk
20:45-21:00 Information from Japan lead members

Contact: Women in AI Japan
Person in charge: KhineZar(khinezarthwe@airitech.co.jp), Nishimura (nishimura@happycom.co.jp)

  • Women in AI は、世界115か国、4000名を超えるメンバーを擁するAI女子のグローバルネットワークです。
    Women in AI Japanは2020年2月に発足しました。
    2020年9月8日に、Global Wai Summit を開催予定です。Summitのプロモーションビデオはこちら↓
  • Women in AI (WAI) is a global network of AI with over 4,000 members in 115 countries.
    Women in AI Japan started their activity in February 2020.
    The Global WAI SUMMIT 2020 will be held on September 8th 2020.
    Click here for the Summit promotion video↓